» Preference: He hits you and regrets it.

Preference: He hits you and regrets it.

Harry: You hadn’t seen Harry since the rumors of him cheating on you had came about. You were so mad at him. He walked in the door. ” Hi babe.” he said as he tried to hug you. ” Get the fuck away from me Harry.” You said as you pushed him away. ” What the hell is wrong with you?” he said as he looked at you really angry. ” Go ask your new girlfriend ! I saw the pictures of you both kissing.” You said as you went up and pushed him again. ” STOP IT!” he said as he grabbed your arm really tight. You kicked him and ran away. He picked you up and you punched him in the face. ” I HATE YOU!” you screamed as you ran away. He grabbed you and smacked your arm really hard. You started to cry your eyes out. You ran out the door. ” WAIT NO. (Y/N) ! PLEASE.” He said as he started to freak out and cry. ” I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry please forgive me.” he screamed after you.

Niall: You and Niall had been fighting a lot lately. He was always out late with his friends and you had enough of it. ” I’m back.” He said as he opened the door. ” So now you decide to come back ?!” you yell. ” What The Fuck is wrong with you? I cant have fun with my friends anymore?” He said as he pushed you into the wall really hard. Your eyes start to water. You run out of the house and cry really hard. ” No, Please princess. I didn’t mean it. Please. ” he said as he ran out to you.

Liam: You went to your friends house for a while and came home to find Liam sitting down on the couch. ” Its About time your here!” he yelled. ” What?” you said confused. You went up to Liam. He didn’t look his self. He had been drinking. You were sure of it. ” WERE YOU DRINKING?!” you yelled. ” Shut the fuck up. It doesn’t matter.” He said as he got into my face yelling. You kicked him to get him to back off. He grabbed you from behind and slammed you to the floor. You ran outside crying. You kept running. ” NO WAIT! COME BACK. BABE I WAS JUST PLAYING AROUND! PLEASE!!” he said trying to chase after you.

Louis: You and Louis hadn’t been talking for a while. You had been fighting over everything. You went over to your friends house and hung out with her and her boyfriend. The next thing you knew, the paparazzi was taking pictures of you and her boyfriend together. You came home to find Louis staring at you from the couch. ” WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” he said as he showed you a picture of you and your best friends boyfriend together. ” Its Jens Boyfriend!” you say. ” STOP LYING TO ME” He said as he pinned me to the wall. I started to cry. ” DONT GIVE ME THIS SHIT” he said. ” I HATE YOUR SORRY ASS.” he said. Before I knew it, he whipped his hand back and smacked me. He was drunk. I knew. it. I ran away crying my eyes out. ” NO !! IT WAS A MISTAKE! FORGIVE ME PLEASE!!” he yelled to me as he started to cry.

Zayn:  Zayn went out to the pub with his friends. You waited and waited for him. You looked on your twitter and found an article. ” Zayn Malik Cheats on (Y/N) With A New Girl.” You look and see pictures of them kissing. You were furious. You packed up all your stuff and waited for him to come home. ” I’m Home Babe.” he said. ” DONT YOU FUCKING BABE ME. YOU CHEATING ASSHOLE!” you screamed as you punched him in the face. ” WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?” he screamed back clearly drunk. He pushed you to the floor. You hit your head right on the tile flooring. You began to cry. You grabbed all your stuff and began to run. “ NO!! (Y/N) ! I am sorry! I never meant to do that ! I LOVE YOU!” He said as he began to cry. 

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